All India Central Government Pensioners' Association

AICGPA History

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A few Pensioners of RMS & Indian Postal Service at Pune used to meet informally and used to have discussion on various aspects of pension and problems faced by pensioners since 1934. With time pensioners from Telegraph department joined themselves in informal discussions. These meetings and discussion lead to formation of P & T Pensioners' Association in the year 1947. Late P. S. Vaidya APM Pune / K. P. Gokhale, G. K. Vaidya were the founder members of the Association.

Initially the association aimed at pensioners at Pune only. Many of the members were of the opinion that the association should be limited for Pune alone but should encourage to join pensioners from other cities and states. During General Body meeting under presidentship of late Shri H. V. Pataskar (then MP Law Minister) on 26 October 1947 resolution was passed, to cover whole India with a view to improve strength, and have a say while discussing difficulties and solution with the Government of India. Times of India gave good coverage for this event.

Shri. H. V. Pataskar took up pensioners' problems in parliament Budget Session in 1948. Shri. S. S. Vaidya, B. A. Muley had a meeting with Shri. Rafi Ahmed Kidwai (then Communication Minister) at Delhi. The Minister gave patient hearing and promised to do whatever is as per law. Shri. Vaidya also had discussions with Central Finance Committee in 1949. Further Shri. S. S. Vaidya, Shri. D. K. Potdar wanted audience from Shri. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru (then Prime Minister). However, they could not get suitable time for meeting with the Prime Minister. However the founder members were successful in bringing existence of the association at the highest level i.e. Ministers, Parliament and the Prime Minister.

During General Body meeting in 1975 members expressed their view to open the association to all central Government pensioners. The resolution to this effect received over helming support and was passed. This gave a bigger strength and true face to the association to call itself All India pensioners Association. The present name i.e. All India Central Government Pensioners Association with H. Q. at Pune (founded by P & T Pensioners in 1947) had been adopted in General Body meeting of 1991.

Luminaries like Sir N. V. Gadgil, Ex-Central Minister, Shri. Jayantrao Tilak, Ex MP & Editor of Daily Kesari, Shri. V. N. Gadgil, Ex-Governor were Patrons of the Association and received immense help from them. Many Central Government Workers' Unions assisted in past and are providing help to this association.

Some of the important achievements of the Association are briefly noted below.

  1. Submission of memorandum to Pay Commissions. Many of the recommendations were included in recommendations of the Commission.
  2. Adding Dearness Allowance as Dearness Pay in fixing pension w.e.f. 1-1-1946.
  3. Liberalised pension rules with effect from 1-4-1972.
  4. During 1968 Association obtained decision from Supreme Court that Pension Payment is Statutory and obligatory. It is not gift or reward or bounty.
  5. Family Pension came into effect from 1-1-1964. This had been made applicable to employees retired prior to 1-1-1964 through a Supreme Court Order. Although Court decision was received during 1985 effective date had been 22-9-1977. This benefited thousands of widows.
  6. Restoration of commutation amount of pension as per rule i.e. after 15 years.
  7. All pensioners association in India succeeded in fixing minimum pension at Rs 100/- w.e.f. 1-1-1973, Rs. 375/- w.e.f. 1-1-86 and Rs. 1275/- w.e.f. 1-1-1996.
  8. Ex-Gratia Payment (Pension) was granted to widows of CPF Retirees in the year 1986. Shri Waze then President of AICGPA, Pune succeeded in persuading Shri. P. Chidambaram then Finance Minister in this respect.
  9. Our leaders tried to make amendments in Indian Pension Act 1871 (Rule 4) with guidance of Shri. V. N. Gadgil then M. P. who presented a private bill with signature of 92 MPs. Government told that same type of bill is being submitted in 1 ½ months. Then the Act (Bill) of Central Administration Tribunal (CAT) came in force in 1985 which helped pensioners a good means to solve their grievances.
  10. Our great achievement is formation SCOVA. This was also achieved with great efforts of all pensioners / political leaders / labour leaders etc. Though no special achievement is sought from SCOVA. Now all are trying for holding its regular meeting etc.
  11. Physical / mentally handicapped children got right of family pension since 1974.
  12. In 5th CPC recommendations 40% weightage, in notional fixation for pre-1985 retirees etc. benefits got approved due to the unity of Pensioners.


Bharat Pensioners Samaj New Delhi established in 1955, (Pensioner Monthly) while All India Federation Pensioners Association Chennai founded in 1980. Further Shri. S. S. Ramchandran started A.I.C. Confederation of Pensioners Association in New Delhi in 1986 and further so many Association / Federation of Central Government & State Government Pensioners started their functioning in 1990.

After the decision in NAKARA CASE in 1985 it was decided to celebrate Pensioners Day on 17th December every year. All Pensioners Association are celebrate it with great enthusiasm