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1. How to use Help

Topics are listed on the top. click on any topic to know more details. You may scroll down to read whole of the help file.

2. Advantages of Membership

Registered Members are authorised for help in any of their difficulties i. r. o. pension, family pension and allied benefits. They can get access to quarterly bulletin and useful forms. To obtain membership It is easy. Payment is small, one time and for the whole life.


3. Membership Registration

Click here to see Printable Form for Registration

Click Menu item 'Registration' at the top of the page. A dialogue box opens in this window. There are some fields which are necessary and some are optional. Necessary fields have been marked by ' * asterisk '. Information in these fields is must to complete registration If any of the fields is left blank, registration shall not be accepted. Rest of the fields are optional It is recommended that all information be filled.

If some of the information is not readily available, the same can be filled later. Whenever, information is available you need to log on to modify and/or fill in information(see help on 'logon'). click on 'edit' button to modify or provide new information.

All information provided on this site is visible to the specific member and owner of this site. Visitors and other members can see only part of the information i.e. Name, photo, address, contact phone number, department and last office/post held. Rest of the information is stored as 'confidential' In the interest of members more information means less problems to the successor.

On completion of the form you need to accept membership rules. Opportunity is available to read the rules. After reading use 'Back' button of browser to come back to the registration form. If you tick the box provided and click on 'submit' button the information will be processed, checked for flaws and if no flaw is found registration shall be completed. At the end a message for your information and making notes for future use is displayed in a window. This message shows your registration number. Where there is flaw in the information the form remains as it is. In this case scroll and see messages against various fields and carry out corrections where needed. Pass word need to be reentered every time there is a flaw in information. On completion of online registration.

Acceptance by the association would take a few days. The major aspect is receipt of membership fee. Your account will be activated only on acceptance of your membership.

One time Membership fee is Rs. 200.00 for Life Member and Rs. 500.00 for Patron.


4. Registration Number

This is an unique Identification Number (Unique ID) Computer needs this number and password for allowing you to edit/modify/add information. Without this you will not be able to access your account.

5. Password

Computer needs your ID and password for allowing you to edit/modify/add information. Without this you will not be able to access your account. In case you loose this the only alternative is to ask HQ AICGPA through email or personal contact. Password can be changed from time to time. Facility has been given for changing password in your edit information section. You need to first log on, then scroll down to Membership Information section and click on 'Edit' button. In the window appearing fill in old password and then new you want. Confirm new password desired and click on 'submit' button. There after you will be able to log in with new password.


6. Edit Your Information

Computer needs your ID and password for allowing you to edit/modify/add information. Without this you will not be able to access your account. You need to first log on, then scroll down to desired Information section and click on 'Edit' button. In the window appearing fill in new information you wish to store. Finally click on 'submit' button. All information now submitted shall be stored and you can see it whenever you log in. Stored information cannot be deleted/added/modified by any other person than you and administrator.

7. Search for other Members

You can search for your friends and colleagues who are members of the association. On left side menu item 'Members' is available to search your friends who are already registered here. When you click on this item you should choose branch if known. Next you choose the known parameters for search. Available parameters are (a)Name, (b) Member type i. e. Life Member/Patron, (c) Department and (d) Designation. In addition you can search by the first letter of the member's name. More exact parameters give quicker and more exact output. After your selection provide the information known to you. The result of search are displayed immediately after you click on 'Go' button.


8. Membership Rules

Membership rules are available here. Click on this to read these. You should understand these before you register. In the registration form once you tick mark it means you accept the rules, present and revised in future.

9. Information Available only for Members

Certain information is available only for members. This is (a) Bulletin, (b) Forms and (c) Guest Book. Only members can avail this facility. If you click on these menu items you will be asked to 'Login' This information will be opened only when you login successfully.


10. Membership Fees

Membership fees have been kept low. Fee is for one time for Membership and annual for the bulletin. Bulletin is available free for the members on this site.

  • Life Member: Rs. 200.00 One time Fee.
  • Patron: Rs. 500.00 One time Fee.
  • Bulletin: Rs. 25.00 per annum
  • These are the present subscriptions as on Dec 2007. These may be revised from time to time
  • Payment can be made through Cash, Money Order, Demand Draft, Cheque (If paid by cheque add Rs. 180.00 to cover the expenditure toward postage and cheque return. If cheque is cashed Rs. 150.00 shall be returned through Cheque)


11. Opening a New Branch

Wherever, (i. e. City/Town/Suburban Town/District/Tehsil) 25 or more pensioners come together to form a branch a proposal to that effect should be submitted as explained hereafter. Pensioners should register as members supplying information as needed in a form as available and by paying the fees as applicable. Pensioners should elect their executive body for the branch. This body should prepare a proposal giving approximate number of pensioners in the area and likely numbers of pensioners who would join the association and submit to HQ AICGPA (address available after clicking menu item 'Contact Us'). On approval from HQ AICGPA the branch will start functioning as a regular branch of the association. It is mandatory to increase the membership to minimum 100 within a year for permanent recognition of the branch.

12. How to use Printable version

Clicking on printable page option the page opens in Acrobat Reader. Printing facility is provided by the reader. On top left corner printer sign located. Clicking on this opens the printer options menu for installed printers. selecting printer and clicking on 'Print' Button sends page(s) to printer. You may change settings or just accept default and click on 'Print' Button. The page is printed on the selected printer